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    Kyle Soler

    here are my suggestions.

    1. 1970-1977 Mitsubishi Galant GTO (Astron power!): in New Zealand we got a decent handfull over here, my favorite JNC car.
    2. Either the S13,14 or 15 Nissan S chassis cars: a really popular platform for tuners, basically the 510 of the 90s. potential to be a really popular model if it was released.
    3. 1971–1973 Dodge Colt: the car that brought Mitsubishi into the united states. can be retooled into the Galant if desired.
    4. 1983–1989 Mitsubishi Galant: this is one model i would love to see as there is a potential to do the New Zealand spec V3000 model (i would buy every release if this casting was made)
    5. Z31 300zx: I doubt it would be easy to much up on this casting like you guys did with the 240z.
    6. Datsun Cherry 100A
    This is why

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