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    Been seeing the latest Runnin’ On Empty release popping up with blue wheel/base chase versions. People are quickly slapping the “super chase” label on it. Although it’s my understanding that the Breaking Bad Bounder blue chase is the only true “super chase” made to date by Greenlight; with there only being 18.

    Can anyone officially (or unofficially) speak to the production counts for these RoE blue versions?

    I assume they are similar to the TRU exclusive H&T trucks that popped up with a blue chase, and were slightly more limited in production than the typical green machine.


    Drew Alexander

    Hi Jason,

    You have a great question there and I was able to get ahold of someone over at GreenLight. It looks like they did do a run of ‘Blue’ chase versions for Running on Empty Series 3. They were unable to tell me how limited they were, but that they do exist. I guess that means we need to keep an eye out for them as we collect!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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