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    I have to say, while I like the Greenlights as I find them very proportionate in design, I am very disappointed that there seems to be a severe lack of quality control. I recently reached out to Greenlight with my concerns. I have several vehicles that sit crooked and many that do not roll well at all. Some however, roll very well. Their response was that they could not offer any exchange, or refund or replacement for these defective items and that the responsibility would rest on the retailer, wholesaler. That just seems like poor customer service. You have to destroy the package to in order to play with them and then you find out you have a defect.
    I have many of these that remain in their original package but the ones that I have opened I use on my model train layout. Has anyone else experienced this issue with their 1/64 Greenlights? I would like to continue to expand my collection but they are so expensive. Never ever have this issue with Hot Wheels. They always roll nice, smooth and straight. Very frustrating.

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