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    as a long time member of the UTH Club i´m really suprised that ts back now and witha brand ne forum … ( i talked to Russel on the german toy fair serveral times to bring back the UTH Club )

    but it looks much more dead as the old UTH forum where are so many infos and pictures from the past are stored . Why you cannot bring the old UTH Forum to this place – wrote EMails to all the listed old Members and hope they will come back ..

    but at this way the Forum is dead . look when the last posting written ….

    sorry for this words but without activate the community from the past and bring them here this will not work very well – jm2c


    Kyle Soler

    Yeah I Agree.



    I was wondering why Greenlight would start a new forum and ignore it?
    Seems like bad business.


    Kyle Soler

    Some sort of q&a session with the GL team would be nice. more communication with the consumers is always a good thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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