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    Kyle Soler

    THought that I should share this thread from a fellow member on Swifty’s Garage as I Want to get opinions from other GL collectors and GL employees.

    I’m guessing the team From Greenlight is getting kind of annoyed of the complaints at this point. And I know I can’t expect 100% high quality as these models are mass produced and are really small.

    Oh yeah, whatever happened to the GL Representative that used to post on Swiftys Garage?


    Quality Control has been an issue since the beginning.
    When I find multiples on the pegs I always check for the one with less defects.
    Our GL reps have been quiet everywhere for quite a while.


    A conscientious quality management by GL would be urgently necessary. This would generate more potential customers (which probably have heard within forums and other media about quality issues) and loosing less customers which still have made bad quality experience (and stop collecting GL after a while).
    I’m a 1:64 collector. I live in Norway, having no chance to buy and check out a box visually due to the non-existance of shops offering GL. So I’m forced to buy GL models online via different online shops, which is also much more expensive due to the additional shipping fees.
    Unfortunately is my experience after buying only 12 models, that 3 of them have in my point of view major issues: incredible bad (and wrong) glueing of front and back lights. Single parts were loose and fall off.
    Very annoying: hoods stay in a “fixed” position, 1/3 opened and not possible to close in a way it should be.
    Other cars have extremely bad rubber tires that sizes do not fit on the rims at all. I could continue …
    I’m prepared to accept minor paint imperfections which can be also found on a lot of models from other manufactures … but I cannot accept defects as described above. Then I think its better to stop for example the production of models with movable parts.
    Without putting any attention to details-, movability of parts- and the fixing of other parts on the model, but the quality of many HW models are quite often much better.
    Greenlight: with all due respect and in consideration of my love for your models: please install a working quality control!!! It would definitely help to increase your sales / turnover, increase potential customers and would stronger bind enthusiastic collectors to the company. Best regards from Norway


    Well said Frank.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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