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    Kyle Soler

    Here are some British cars that i would love to see at some point, there seems to be an absurd lack of British cars in 1:64 heck 1:64 (detailed stuff) isn’t widely available in Europe as a whole.

    1. Series I- IV Humber Super Snipe, my dad has one in 1:1 scale actually he technically owns two one Series II and one series IV. This car have never been done in 1:64 before, the wagon variant have been done in 1:76 before though.
    Series IV Humber Super Snipe.
    Series III

    2. Sunbeam Tiger. no comment. well it would be the smallest 1:64 vehicle tooling that you guys and gals have done if it was released.
    Sunbeam Tiger

    3. Ford Escort MK1. Please do the Square Headlight model as my dad had one of these.
    Escort MK 1

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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