Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Order Green Machines?

We do get Green Machines in with our products that we order from GreenLight Collectibles. These however will not be pulled out separately to be sold, and instead they will be randomly placed into orders, so each customer has a chance to receive a GreenMachine. 

What are Pre-Orders?

Some of our products on the website are offered as Pre-Orders. This means that the item is currently not in stock but will be arriving sometime in the future.  You may place Pre-Orders with us and we will reserve the product for you until it arrives. You will be charged the price/shipping of the item and it will be shipped to you when it arrives here at our facility.


How do I make a Pre-Order?

To be able to make a Pre-Order you will want to ensure that you have an empty shopping cart before placing the Pre-Order. This is because you are only able to place Pre-Orders 1 item at a time, and must be done in multiple orders. When you place your Pre-Order you will continue to check out like normal and your order will be placed with us.

Why can I only Pre-Order one item at a time?

Due to the difficulty of the pre-order checkout process, an order may contain only a single pre-order product. No other products – pre-order or in-stock – may be added to the cart. If you, the customer, add a pre-order product to a non-empty cart, the cart will be emptied automatically and the pre-order you just selected added. 

Will I be charged for Pre-Orders

No, you will not be charged for Pre-Orders. When you place a Pre-Order you will not be charged until the item comes into the facility and processed to be shipped to you.

How is shipping charged for Pre-Orders?

Due to the nature of pre-orders, you will be shown a charge for shipping for each individual item. However, IF multiple pre-orders arrive at the same time, we will ensure that you receive the cheapest shipping and you will be refunded the difference. Please give time for refunds to be completed.

Why was my shopping cart emptied when I added a Pre-Order item?

This is because we are only able to do a Pre-Order 1 item at a time using our system. If you would like to place a Pre-Order this must be done 1 item at a time. Pre-Orders cannot be included with other Pre-Order items or any in-stock items.

I am receiving an "Error" when paying for my Pre-Order. What do I do?

If you are sent to an error page when clicking on the payment link that is sent to you when your pre-order is available, please log in first. You are required to log in first to be able to see this page. If you have any other trouble please contact us at

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