If you’re a member of a GreenLight Facebook group, chances are you may already know her! When she’s not at her horse stable, she’s moderating multiple popular Facebook groups as well as collecting Mopar die-cast cars. Read on to learn more about our friend Amanda Rall in the latest Collector Spotlight!

  • TDP: When and how did your die-cast hobby begin?
  • Amanda: I have been into diecast cars since I was a baby. My dad was a car guy and as his only child, he made sure I was into cars, too. I had his toy cars from when he was a child and bought me new cars a few times a month to add to my collection. He worked in an auto body shop and would take cars in and paint them fun unique colors. My uncle then gave me another box of all of his cars and I had so many more… and those big plastic city maps you can drive them on… it was elaborate. Collecting and playing with diecast cars was a large part of not only my childhood, but my connection to my dad.
  • TDP: What does your die-cast hobby include?
  • Amanda: I am strictly a collector of Mopar related items, specifically Dodge, Plymouth, Ram and Chrysler… because I only have so much room in my house. Haha! I run and manage a few large diecast Facebook groups that keep me pretty busy and I’ve made a great group of friends through the online aspect of the hobby. I hope to travel to more diecast related events in the future.
  • TDP: What got you interested in GreenLight die-cast products?
  • Amanda: I was instantly drawn in because of the cars’ detail and the nice card art. I am a package collector, meaning I don’t open them… and the package matters to me. I started collecting the Green Machines exclusively a few years ago and I have the majority of Dodge, Plymouth, Ram and Chrysler chase pieces GreenLight has produced.
  • TDP: Tell us about your favorite type of die-cast to collect or work with.
  • Amanda: I am a hardcore 1/64th scale collector with some 1/24th cars mixed in here and there. As I said earlier, I am only after Dodge, Plymouth, Ram and Chrysler pieces. GreenLight has some amazing licenses, I am not sure I could pick just one!
  • TDP: How many cars do you think you have in your collection?
  • Amanda: I have almost 600 Mopar Green Machines, about 700 other brand chase pieces, hundreds of pre-production pieces and about 4,000 pieces overall, currently.
  • TDP: Is there any die-cast you are still hunting for or always hunting for?
  • Amanda: There is one GreenLight Green Machine piece that I cannot get a hold of and as the years pass, I worry I’ll never find it. The City of Centennial Sheriff Dodge Charger Arapahoe County Green Machine, an exclusive.
  • TDP: Do you have any interesting stories relating to your hobby?
  • Amanda: I was inducted into the Diecast Hall of Fame in 2016, the same year Russell Hughes of GreenLight was! It was a lot of fun but I was very nervous… then Russell and his wife asked to sit at the table I was at. I was so blown away. It was a very good time!
  • TDP: What is your advice for someone who is looking to start a die-cast hobby?
  • Amanda: Patience. With most items you are hunting for, you’ll find them if you can be patient… and usually at a better price. This hobby is supposed to be fun, take your time and make friends who can help you look out for your wants!
  • TDP: Is there anything else about your die-cast hobby that you would like to share?
  • Amanda: To each their own… I collect in the package and sometimes hear crap about it. It doesn’t matter if you open your cars, or leave them in the package, or a combination thereof… there is no wrong way to collect. Happy diecasting!

If you collect GreenLight die-cast and would like to be featured in an upcoming Collector Spotlight, contact us!

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